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Pinvin Community Preschool

Nurturing hearts and minds on a path of possibilities

More about the Committee

To fulfill our charitable constitution 50% of our trustees must be active parents of children registered at the setting. Benefits of becoming a trustee are many;

Families know their children’s needs best;

We may be child development experts but you know best of all, your child’s and family’s needs. Involvement in the management of the setting enables us to work together more cohesively to ensure we are shaping practice together and ultimately meeting the needs of all our children.

Professional Development;

Volunteering is proven to support a range of skills which are transferable into the workplace, enhancing career opportunities. As a trustee you will have access to training opportunities and workplace training. You may be involved in research projects, or audits to identify areas to improve and grow. As a trustee you will be part of a team, working together to make strategic decisions for the setting.

Your involvement can be tailored to your interests and skill base offering a wealth of opportunity to enhance your employability and career progression.

Well-being and Self-esteem;

Volunteering allows us to give something back to the community. Recognising our skills and expertise and putting these to use can be hugely rewarding. It is also a wonderful way to meet like-minded people and forge social network links within the local community. 

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