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Pinvin Community Preschool

Nurturing hearts and minds on a path of possibilities

Providing a Healthy Diet.

Good nutrition in the early years sets the foundation for future health and well-being. It can also positively influence; concentration, physical development, behaviour, cognitive development and long-term future health. We provide nutritionally sound meals and snacks which promote health and reduce the risk of obesity and heart disease that may begin in childhood

We use Public Health England 'Eatwell Plate' as a guideline when planning menus, providing snacks and educating staff and parents.

Eat Well Plate

Portion size

Almost one in four children are classed as overweight or obese on entry into school, with this rising to one in three when entering year 6. Providing larger portion sizes than children need can encourage overeating and may be one of the contributing factors to childhood obesity.

At Pinvin we aim to provide nutritious meals and snacks with age appropriate portion sizes. We use the guidance published by ‘The British Nutrition Foundation’ when planning meals and when educating parents.

Advice on portion sizes

Packed Afternoon Tea

  • A packed afternoon tea should contain something from all the four main food groups and a variety of foods should be provided across the week.
  • Foods should be provided in appropriately sized portions
  • Foods that are high in salt and sugar should be avoided
  • We signpost parents to the useful video provided by the British Nutrition Foundation on healthy lunchboxes. 

One of the most effective ways to prevent infection is through good hand and respiratory hygiene. As Early years educators we take pride in teaching children how to wash their hands effectively and to follow the catch it, bin it, kill it campaign.

Handwashing song

Tops and Bottoms, Tops and Bottoms,

In between, In between,

Rub your hands together,

Rub your hands together,

Now there clean, nice and clean.

(Sing to Frere Jacques)

Dental Hygiene

Due to restrictions with Covid-19 and hygiene concerns, we don’t currently brush children’s teeth whilst in our care, however we educate children through activities and resources.

We also encourage parents to visit the dentist with their children and signpost them to useful and supportive information.

Dental Hygiene advice

Childhood Illnesses and Immunisations

One of our team have created a wonderful resource detailing information about child illnesses and immunisations.

A Parents Guide to Child Illnesses and Immunisations

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